Sunday, October 23, 2011

Addy's Birthday Party

We celebrated Addy's 1st birthday!! It was a very full day for me, My mom was so wonderful and helped me with all the decor (we made everything ourselves besides a few things) and getting the place all set up. It turned out really nice. My dad started out with making frosting for the cookies, then Addy and I got ready and then we headed over to the clubhouse to drop everything off. I still had to get balloons and the cake, So off we went and I stuffed 24 balloons into my car. Addy wasn't liking it to much but she managed. Then I went and picked up the cake. It turned out so cute and very tasty. Once all the errands were done my mom and I started to put the place together. It was a nice night for all of use. Addy sure had fun.

Addy's cake and her smash cake

Birthday throne 

Birthday Girl

The yummy food

Daddy and his birthday girl

Addy's friend Kenadi 

Addy's aunt Emily, Aunt Pam and Uncle Chance and cousins

Addy's birthday gifts

Dessert table

Cute Addy

Starting to open Addy's gifts

Addy and her cousin Kye

I love this pic of my nephew Kye isn't he so cute

Addy loves cloths and she got the cutest dress from her uncle Cody and aunt Rachelle

Ladybug pillow pet that she gave loves to and kisses

She was loving when everyone was singing to her she was just looking me like... Oh mom this is fun. 

The start of eating her cake she wasn't a big fan. She's a lot like me and hates having her hand dirty or something on them. 
Addy had a great first bday, she was a spoiled little girl and loves all her fun toys she got. Thank you to everyone that came. We love our family and friends. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Baby Girl is 1

I can not believe a year has gone by since we welcomed the most beautiful blessing in our life. Oct 19 2010 was one of the most amazing days of my life and a year later is even better... Watching this beautiful little girl grow and learn things is so fun. I love being a mommy. 
Addy is the easiest baby ever... She is a total mommy's girl.  

At one year old Addy...... 
She knows sign language, signs MORE, THANK YOU, PLEASE, and we are working on FOOD
She says DADA (first word), MAMA, PAPA, (for grandpa)
So everytime Addy's belly would show I would rub it and say "OH LA LA" so a while ago I said "OH LA LA PRETTY GIRL" she rubbed her belly so now if you say that to her she smiles and laughs and rubs her belly so cute. 
She is one of the smartest babies, I can say something to her and she response and know what I'm trying to say, She takes the brush and I tell her to brush her hair and she does it, when she pulls her bow out of her hair and tries to put it right back in. 
She is a crawling girl but likes to hold on to things and walk around them.
She loves cloths, I show her 2 outfits and ask her which one and she always picks just one and smiles and laughs. So cute.... 
You cough she coughs, you speck loud she will too, she tries to copy everything I say...
She will just sit and talk to herself and sits and laughs and waves her arms around its the cutest thing ever, I wish I knew what she was saying.
Her new thing is she will put both her hands on her cheeks when she is upset, its so cute.
She loves to dance, when she hears music she will start moving her little body. 
She loves looking at books. 
She is loving milk now she transferred over really quickly.
She loves peas, bread, and yogurt.
She knows how to unlock the iPhone and it is so cute she uses her little thumb and kinda flicks it.  

Wow there is so much she does, I love this little girl. I am so grateful to be her mommy and loving this little person. What a great year we have had together, Addy is the greatest joy ever. Addison mommy loves you so much and am so grateful for your sweet spirit in my life. I am so happy to see what this year brings us and to see you grow up so much more. You are the cutest little thing ever, I love spending every day with you and watching you learn new things.

Addy's 1 year pic

We went and got Addy 1 year pic... I can't believe my baby is 1. What a blessing she is in our life. 

She is going to be a little lady bug for Halloween.

Her birthday tutu that I made for her. 

My big blue eyed baby

Yummy cupcake

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick up date

Well like always its been forever since I last posted anything....
Everyone is doing great here.... Addy is now 9 months and had her check up the other day

She is weighing in at 17.7 lbs and is 27 in long. She is getting really needy and you can't leave the room with out her freaking out wondering where you went. This make is hard to do anything. but she is the stinking cutest thing ever. She knows how to clap her hand and when you start to sing "Patty Cake" she will clap so cute, she makes the funnest noises and when ever you cough she will try and copy you and throw out the fakest coughs its too funny. If she does something and you laugh at her she will keep doing it. She is one smart girl. She loves to sit and talk talk talk.... We are trying to get her to say Mama and Dada and teach her how to wave. I don't think it will take her to long to get it. She won't keep a head band on her head, we can barely fit her hair into a little pony tail on top of her head. She is getting so big she now has her 2 bottom teeth, it crazy how time flies..... other then Addy getting bigger and smart we haven't been up to to much just hanging out and making improvements to our home. Whats a post with out pic. 
Addy first sucker was a See's butterscotch

Addy's 9 month check up.... just look at that belly

she loves food and is eating scraps off of our plates now

She has at least 1 blow out every other day

She is getting really good at sitting up by herself and is even starting to scoot across the floor on her belly.

one day at work i got this pic addy wouldn't let chris put her down so he had to get things done like this.... little stinker

Addy is in swim lessons with her friend Milly and they are so fun its a parent taught class. I love our time together.

One day after swim lessons Addy fell asleep with her bottle and tooth brush in her mouth 

First cookie.... look at that hair.... its getting so long and crazy

Addy is getting bigger by the min.....We just love her to pieces.